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This is along the same lines as other "found" communities. We are looking for intresting music that you have discovered.


-We want to see the weird CD you found in the free bin at the inide record store.
-We want to see the crazy religous record you found at the thrift store.
-We want to see the bad tape you found at a yard sale
-We want pictures, descriptions and if possible audio
-We want to know where it came from

-We don't want to see your new Brittany Spears cd, or any other top ten, high rated, highly plublisized music
-We don't want to hear your band
-We don't want to see band websites
-We don't want to hear about the latest thing on MTV
-We don't want to see your rare Beatles Albums, or any other high priced highly sought after music. The "value" of the music should come purely from what it is, or where it came from.

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